Friday, July 11, 2008


is a pro stalker and she drags taeminho up the hill all the time
if you want to follow please pay USD25

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

you're getting older

but you get to drive earlier
this is so screwed up! i'm much more sane than you are xD

happy birthday sexy! you know who you are 8D

banana muffins ftw!

oh crap i'm 155cm now! niahahaha i'm catching up!
no more shorty jokes! =P

*no pictures*
because the birthday girl might overshadow me *ahem* she's taller...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

volvo vs porsche

edward's volvo totally owned rosalie's porsche

brenda; edward's car is sexy
me; thats because edward is sexy
brenda; he is. delicious
me; he thinks we are delicious *ahem* blood

stupid shiny volvo owner

he can take me for a joy ride anytime


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

° adeline. says:
° adeline. says:
hantu ur bglog
° adeline. says:
° adeline. says:
got hantu
munyee* | when you're sad, go poop! | says:
yeah thats me im a vampire =D
° adeline. says:
take down the pic la
° adeline. says:
i let u take pic of me now okay

i'm tired... bye adeline! love ya!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i made sushi!

and it's definitely for the one and only ADELINE!

we look like models! yeah man xD if Vogue saw this...

i hope you don't visit my blog tonight because it will just seriously kill the fun xD
oh shit! 15 more minutes to your birthday! i gotta make this fast!

so i made some awesome ass killing sushi today and i seriously hope you like it
yum yum~
and happy birthday!

you know i really don't know what else to say...

9 more minutes...

i think we should go for 'dim sum' one day ;D but mun yee will pay

6 more minutes...

okay i suck at this so heres the plan;

we pretend that we don't know about your birthday at all and surprise you during recess! woot! and i actually thought of that myself with mun yee and hzu khim!
i must be getting smarter =D

4 more minutes...

happy birthday the great adeline =)

and so our mission to surprise adeline will most probably fail miserably because i suck ==
so yeah

munyee* | when you're sad, go poop! | says:
° adeline. says:
munyee* | when you're sad, go poop! | says:
errr sushi?
° adeline. says:
munyee* | when you're sad, go poop! | says:
° adeline. says:
° adeline. says:
° adeline. says:
i stomach pain
° adeline. says:

and weichern is bu fu ze ren...